Sunday, May 2, 2010

Birthday Pictures

This weekend we had Makayla's 2 year birthday pictures done. The way the morning started out we weren't sure if we were going to have any luck. In the end they turned out great! I still cannot believe that she is going to be 2 in a couple weeks. She is now fully feeling better and we hope that the sickness or what ever she had is finally out of her system. Part of me thinks it is allergies so we do have an appointment with the allergy doctor in a week. Hopefully we can get some answers then. But like I said, she is doing much better. Here are some samples of the pictures that were taken! Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So it's been a while!

So I told myself that I would keep up on my blog this year. Well as you can see, I have not done that. We have been really busy and Makayla is keeping us on our toes. She is talking more and putting words together. she loves to play outside and has a fit when we bring her in for dinner. We made it through her first real cold/sickness. The week before spring break I got a call that Makayla had a fever (her 1st by the way and she is almost 2!) I left work and took her to the doctors. They tested her and it came back just a viral infection. I stayed home on that Tuesday but had to go back to work on Wednesday since I had conferences the rest of the week. Mark was Mr. Mom for two days. She was fine on Thursday to Saturday. Saturday after her nap she woke up with a 102 temp and we took her to the ER, by the time we got there she was at a 104.5 temp. Come to find out that she had an ear infection starting and they gave her meds. she was not feeling the best over spring break, but she is feeling 100% now! I cannot wait for summer to come to be home with Makayla. We have a couple camping trips planned and other fun things to keep us busy. I will be keeping up with the blog now, it has been too long. Keep checking us out! Enjoy the pictures!

Easter morning checking out her basket.

Finding the eggs that the easter bunny hid.

More eggs!

With mom and dad on easter 2010

Golfing on easter.

Hole in ONE!

Eating ice cream out of a cone for the first time!

Playing with my stuffed animals!

She loves her Minnie Mouse that grandma and grandpa got her from Florida. She calls it Mo Mo.

Makayla loves drawing and coloring! I love this picture!

Loves being outside and sitting by the doggie!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

14 Months!

Makayla is now 14 months old today! The time has just flown by. She is getting so big! Everyday she is non stop talking from the time that she gets up to the time that she goes to bed! She loves to say mama, mommy,dada, daddy, doggie, and yeah. There are plenty others but these are the ones that we can really understand. She loves to sit and read books, the other day after she woke up from her nap, I found her back in her bedroom just flipping the pages of her books. We read so many books each day and some of them I am knowing by heart now. Makayla loves her baby doll, she carries her around and gives her hugs and kisses. It is so cute. She loves to play outside, running around in the grass and going up and down her slide. We have gone camping once already this summer and she had so much fun, and she was a little dare devil in the water. Makayla has also went to her first Summer Celebration concert this year. She had fun running around and playing with her friend Kylan. The concert was a little too loud, so we didn't stay very long when the main band came on. We went to Tony and Korey's for the 4th of July fireworks, she was even ooohh and aaahhh when they were going on. It was too funny. We made a trip up to Branch, Michigan where my grandpa grew up. Makayla loved running around and playing in the wagon. She also loved helping push the wagon more I think! I am loving be home with her right now, but the summer is going fast and work is just around the corner. These are just some of the things that we have been up to in the past month, here are some pictures (these pictures are when she was 13 months). Enjoy!

Playing in the camper!

Looking at the big boats!

Waving and showing off my 4 teeth! ( I have 6 now!)

Playing at Grandma and Grandpa Landon's house, watching all of the family that was in from out of town!

Eating snacks and keeping my ear plugs in because the music was to LOUD!

Trying to get Kylan to come and play with me!

Sitting in my butterfly chair!

Playing with Wesley, and fighting over the chair!

Playing in my little whale pool!

At Great-Grandpa's house where he grew up at. These weeds really need to be cut!

Looking at the river with daddy at great-grandpa's house.

Helping grandma push the wagon up this big hill! It was a lot of work!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Beach time!

This week my friend Yolanda was in town with her little one Welsey who is only 2 days older than Makayla. It was a beautiful day and we packed up the kids and went down to Duck Lake. I was not sure how Makayla would since she really has not played in sand or the water. Needless to say she surprised me! She LOVED playing in the sand and LOVED the water. Granted the water was a little bit on the cold side, but she did not want to get out. I took her in for a little bit and then brought her back out to play in the sand. When I took her back in the water, she did not want me to hang on to her and she kept wanting to go further into to the water, the deep section (well deep to her). She had so much fun and so did Wesley. Wesley enjoyed the sand a little too much, he wanted to do a taste test. Not sure what he thought of that. We left the beach around 3:30 and the kids were fast asleep with in minutes of leaving. They both slept for a good 2 hours and I am sure that she would have slept more, but we woke her up, because we wanted her to sleep that night! I am very happy that she loves teh beach, there will be more beach days to come this year. Enjoy the pictures!

Kiddie Pool

I got Makayla a little kiddie pool to play in this summer for the days that we don't make it over to grandma and grandpas pool. We used it the other week for the first time and she was not to sure about it. I figured that she would love it since she loves the bathtub. She really didn't know what to do, so she was not in it very long. She got out and played with her slide instead. The next day I sat int he pool with her and she played more in the water, I didn't mind sitting in the little pool with her since it was really warm out that day. Enjoy the pictures!

Makayla's 1st birthday

Makayla is 1! Okay I know this is a little late, since she turned 1 on May 23, but I am now able to sit down and upload pictures now that school is done. It is one of my goals to keep up on this, now that I am off for the summer!

We had Makayla's birthday on her birthday and the day turned out beautiful! She had lots of family and friends come to celebrate with her. We had about 40 people show up, and we did a little cookout so everyone could relax and have a good time! We are truly blessed with all of the family and friends that care about our little one. It meant alot to us that everyone took time out of their busy schedules to come and celebrate with us! Thank you to everyone who was here with us that day!
At Makayla's 1 year checkup she was just over 20 pounds, so we were able to turn her car seat around for her to face forward. She was 28 3/4 inches, and still growing like a weed! She has been walking around like crazy and into everything. This summer is going to be a lot of fun, I cannot wait to take her to the beach and just being able to be outside playing. She loves to go outside and play. She actually stands at the front door just after you come in from outside, waiting to go back out for more! Here are some pictures from Makayla's birthday party! Enjoy them, and I will be posting more in the furture!

She did not drive in to her cake. She has just recently started to feed herself in the past 2 weeks!